Tumbleweed - Dehors est blanc

Tumbleweed is a young Brussels-based dance company, founded by choreographer / dancer Angela Rabaglio (CH) and dancer / musician Micaël Florentz (FR). During their residency in STUK they work on their new creation Dehors est blanc.

Dehors est blanc (‘white-out’ in English) is a research project on the crossroads of air acrobatics, choreography and sound installation. The title refers to an optical phenomenon that occurs in extreme weather circumstances (e.g. in heavy mist or during a blizzard), where in the white glow horizons and shadows become indistinguishable and every feeling of depth or orientation is gone.

In this installation of suspended bodies - a subtle choreography of weight and counterweight - Angela Rabaglio and Micaël Florentz want to investigate the definition of weight and territorium.


Concept & choreography : Angela Rabaglio & Micaël Florentz
Performance: Angela Rabaglio, Micaël Florentz, Sergi Parés
Light design & scenography: Arnaud Gerniers, Benjamin Van Thiel
Technical assistance: Thomas Schellenberger
Music: Daniel Perez Hajdu
Costumes: Louise Hanquet & Angela Rabaglio
Production: Tumbleweed
Co-production: Mars - Mons Arts de la Scène (BE), STUK (BE)
Distribution / communication: Quentin Legrand (Rue Branly)
Residencies: workspacebrussels / Les Brigittines (BE), Espace Catastrophe - Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE), Mars - Mons Arts de la Scène (BE), Théâtre Des Doms (FR), Stuk (BE)
With the support of: La Chaufferie-Acte1, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Fred Op de Beeck, Dr. Vertical Asbl, Yvon Van Lancker, Marché de la Glacière

Tumbleweed is a young Brussels-based dance company, founded in 2017 by choreographer / dancer Angela Rabaglio (CH) and dancer / musician Micaël Florentz (FR).

After her studies contemporary dance at AHK in Amsterdam, Angela worked with several choreographers and started developing her own work. Her dance language is influenced by other movement practices, such as martial arts, climbing, yoga and dabké.

Micaël has toured as a solo musician under the Bielka and Blaukraut moniker. Since his meeting with Angela he also focuses on physical research. Starting from their artistic dialogue, inspired by travels, science, nature and philosophy and from a constant physical, technical and artistic curiosity, they develop their own movement and bodily language. The Gyre (2018), their first production, was met with a lot of praice. In 2020 they started with two new projects: Dehors est blanc (2021) and A Very Eye (premiere late 2022).