Wannes Deneer - Speaking Characters

"During my residency in STUK I will finalise a group of four Speaking Characters. I chose characters that form the base of this series. They stand out because of their simplicity. They were built with a sheet of paper, a piece of plastic foil, a piece of aluminium foil and a cardboard box. During the residency I will work on placement in the space, lighting and composition. " - Wannes Deneer

Wannes Deneer is a sound artist and scenographer who lives in Antwerp. His installations and performances are characterised by a thorough DIY approach and an ecological attitude towards materials. This often results in self-made assemblages of video, speakers, kinetic objects, found and recycled materials, always on the border of bric-à-brac and ingenious.

For his hew work Speaking Characters Wannes Deneer dissects a speaker in order to find out how it works. He dives deep into the source of electronic sound. As a next step, he creates his own speaker with recycled materials. The result is a series of sounding collages of paper, cardboard, foil, foam, rubber, aluminium and plastic. The sound vibrations make the construction dance and generate movement. Speaking Characters is a colourful exhibition on impact and force, with a polyphonic series of speakers operating as a wayward orchestra.

Speaking Characters will premiere during Beyond Music on Thursday 11 May 2203.

Concept: Wannes Deneer | Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters | Artistic advice: Meyrem Bayram | Production: Tuning People | Residency: Overtoon | With the support of: the Flemish Government