STUK is ready to start

Our building bathes in glorious sunlight, the birds are singing, buzzing sounds fill the air … we can look forward again, with hope in our hearts. No public activities yet, though - and how we miss you. But behind the scenes, we are going full force again: residencies have returned, our technicians fine-tune the venues … and our artistic team strenuously keep on putting together a new season that you will not easily forget.


We would absolutely love to share this beautiful programme with you, but we choose not to do that yet. Because we put together not one, not two, but three different programmes. Which one will it be? Even though specific guidelines have been made for the upcoming months, we’ve also seen that situations can change quickly in these uncertain times. That’s why we prefer to wait, take more accurate decisions and inform you more correctly.


Nevertheless, we want to give you all the perspective we can:

  • The new dance programme 20-21 will be divided into two parts. The first half of the programme will be released on Thursday 27 August at 11:00 - you’ll discover all performances for September-December 2020 on our website, and you can immediately buy your tickets.
  • STUK START, our season’s opening festival, takes place September 24 & 25. The programme will be launched online early September.
  • In August, you can have a summer’s taste of Dance, Image and Sound on our Courtyard: STUK takes part in the City of Leuven’s Summer Sessions - discover the programme on the 1st of July.
  • Want to stay up to speed with what’s happening behind the scenes? Follow the STUK residencies via Facebook and Instagram.


Do you want to make sure you’ll always get the reduced price next season? Get your STUK card now! For a mere 8 euro, you get a 4 euro reduction on just about everything we organize. That’s right: it’s payed back after just two performances.

Thank you for staying with us. It means the world to us.
Keep safe this summer, and hopefully we’ll see you soon.
We are looking forward. Very much.