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clubSTUK: Gay Haze, A local Hero, Croissant Système

A monthly club night in STUKcafé, including wooden dance floor and disco ball! We start at 10, and end at 5!

Running Order

Croissant Système (Pukaz & Korneel Boon)
Gay Haze (Fais Le Beau & Vieira)
A Local Hero (Contrair)

For the first time we have a back to back between Fais Le Beau and Vieira : one is the half of the new born Gay Haze parties and the other a pioneer of Gay Haze characteristic sound. Expect anything between 90’s house, balearic chill out, leftfield disco, New Beat and trance.

Straight from Antwerp we have A Local Hero, who has just emerged as Contrair's first resident dj. This guy needs no further introduction as he already raised the roof at several STUK parties, you'll recognize the face...

At the end of last season we closed STUKcafé with a small party called LAB. Thanks to the dj duo Croissant Système , that was formed only for this occasion, it was an unforgettable night. Now they’re back for a clubSTUK warm-up.

vr 26 okt 2018 22:00 - za 27 okt 2018