LAPS Ensemble

Slinckx, Fukui, Gobert, Ledoux & Arroyo

Five musicians and two laptops: the laps ensemble’s sound is that of a modern, electronic world.

The Walloon ensemble, founded by composer and conductor Claude Ledoux, will present music by a selection of young composers. They all share a fascination with the digital sound world and interactive applications in which the laptops can, as they see fit, transform and expand the sounds of the instruments and even of each other. A trip to the far corners of a foreign acoustic-digital universe.


Pierre Slinckx: LAPS#1, Piece pour ensemble et laptops (2014)
Claude Ledoux: Laps Upgrade 2.0 (world creation) COM Transit
Tomoko Fukui: Singin’ in the wind (2015) COM Ars Musica
Gilles Gobert: Piece #1 pour ensemble amplifié et trois laptops (2015)
Juan Arroyo: SONRÍO/SOLLOZO (2015)


Pauline Driesen, 17h


coproduction laps ensemble en ars musica
zo 25 okt 2015 17:30


STUK Soetezaal