Kat Válastur - Arcana Swarm

Kat Válastur werkt in STUK aan haar nieuwe project Arcana Swarm.

Kat Válastur is claimed as one of the most exciting choreographers in the Berlin dance scene. In 2009 she created Lang, a duet about time and the way it can be reflected through dance. it was presented at the Aerowaves and travelled to many important festivals in Europe. In 2010 she continued with the thematic of time in a series of works inspired by the Homer’s Odyssey. The project, Oh! Deep Sea manifested in a corpus of four works: Corpus I and Corpus IV (2010), Corpus II (2011), and Corpus III ( 2012). In 2013/2014 she was an invited artist at the Institut für Raumexperimente a project initiated by Olafur Eliasson and the University of the Arts, Berlin.

In the context of the program, she started working on a new series, The marginal sculptures of Newtopia, exploring the encounter between the body and a ritual topology it inhabits. The creations of the trilogy includes the works GLAND, Ah! Oh! A contemporary Ritualand OILinity. All three works were co-produced and presented by HAU Hebbel am Ufer/Berlin. Through her groundbreaking creations highly intense atmospheres are created, challenging the senses and the rules of ordinary perception. In 2016 she was acclaimed as a promising talent for dance by the Tanz magazine and in 2017 she was a nominee for the George-Tabori a high nationwide award for ensembles and artists from the free theatre scene in Germany.