Accelerated Nature

How are city and nature connected? Landscape architect Bas Smets designs landscapes that arise from complex situations in (sub)urban areas. By carefully reading 'landscape structures', be it a park, a car park, a football pitch or an agricultural plot, hybrid solutions emerge that make new natural connections.

What nature would do at its own pace is accelerated here. That is the starting point for the recent project Parc des Ateliers by Bureau Bas Smets for LUMA Arles. With more than 80,000 trees, shrubs and bushes, the semi-desert climate of the former industrial site is being transformed into a Mediterranean climate - by using the logic of the surrounding existing biotopes. After the lecture, Bruno Notteboom, lecturer in Urban Design, Urbanism, Landscape and Planning (KU Leuven) and author of, among others, 'Stories, methods and systems - Bureau Bas Smets and the urban landscape', will have a conversation with Bas Smets to further discuss the ever-evolving relationship between nature, landscape and city.

Bureau Bas Smets was founded in Brussels in 2007. The bureau has made its name internationally and has grown into a team of twenty architects and landscape architects with projects in more than twelve countries. Recent projects include Parc des Ateliers for LUMA Arles, Tour & Taxis Park in Brussels, Trinity Plaza in Paris La Défénse, and the Mandrake Hotel in London.

lecture series on architecture, urban planning and design

How does slowness manifest itself in space? What does a slow process look like? Can we resist fastness? Can we resist thinking about time and space as a commodity? How to tell a story about slow space? Who are the protagonists (anti-heroes) of this story? Is there a Slow Movement rising? Who are the designers and artists that care about slowness? How do they do it? What is the right slow attitude? The perfect slow setting? Best slow vibes?

PARTNERS: STUK, KU Leuven architecture department, KU Leuven Culture, Existenz / SUPPORT BY: City of Leuven, Flemish government / SPONSORING: FEBELCEM, Vandersanden Group, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium / Graphic design: Buro Bertus

Wed 16 Mar 2022 20:00


Maria Theresiacollege 00.14
  • Sint-Michielsstraat 6
  • 3000 Leuven


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