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#AF19 Artefact Night: Moses Boyd Solo X + Charlotte Adigéry & more

Into the night with concerts and DJ-sets on the edge of jazz, beats and global grooves.

Artefact Night offers the best from London’s electronica-jazz scene in STUK Labozaal, followed by a seething clubSTUK in STUKcafé.

The concerts focus on London as a musical breeding ground for hybrid acts fed by migration, mobility and exchange. One of the key figures in the scene is drummer Moses Boyd, whose project Moses Boyd Solo X brings together UK bass, flashy grime, jazz-rock, impro and African rhythms - no wonder Four Tet and Floating Points are fans. Just like Boyd’s, sax player Ben Vince’s music is hard to pigeonhole. Using only his saxophone, he builds up melodies, textures and rhythms that hover between ambient and dancefloor. In the midst of the Brexit bonanza, word artist, sax player and full-time dreamer Alabaster dePlume brings an ode to positivism and diversity with his unforgettable live shows filled with humour, absurdism and delightful melodies.

clubSTUK opens with a live AV show by WWWater’s Charlotte Adigéry, whose new album Zandoli is released by Soulwax’ DEEWEE label on February 8. On first single Paténipat, she declaims Creole lyrics on a repetitive train of Caribbean percussion and futuristic accents. The inimitable DJ Marcelle is known for her DIY-approach and eclectic three-deck DJ sets, melting together the most diverse styles and sounds from her collection of over 20.000 tracks. Closing act will be local hero Bjeor.

“Jaki Liebezeit, Wookie, film noir and galaxy-traversing ‘90 electronica.”
- The Wire about Moses Boyd Solo X

"An audacious solo album that ventures to the furthest reaches of experimental song, free jazz, uneasy ambience, and bristling techno"

- Pitchfork about Ben Vince

“One of the most thrilling performances I’ve seen this year; a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be”
- The Guardian about Alabaster dePlume

“The guy absolutely blew my mind.”
- Gilles Peterson about Alabaster dePlume

Sat 2 Mar 20:00
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STUK Labozaal



At the door
€14 standard
€10 STUK card / culture card

€12 standard
€8 STUK card / culture card

€5 (via this link)

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Labozaal (20:00-23:00)
20:00 Ben Vince
21:00 Alabaster dePlume
22:00 Moses Boyd Solo X

STUKcafé (23:00-05:00)
23:00 Charlotte Adigéry (live AV)
00:00 DJ Marcelle
02:30 Bjeor