CHAPEX Palais des Expo in Charleroi (with jan de vylder inge vinck) _ © F. Dujardin



– reflection by Fallow

AgwA is a Brussels architectural office founded between 2003 and 2006 by Harold Fallon and Benoît Vandenbulcke and later expanded with Benoit Burquel. AGWA offers functional, candid and straightforward architecture of high architectural and conceptual quality.

Notable projects include the transformation of the ECAM site in Brussels, the Charleroi Exhibition Palace (in collaboration with DVVT), the Belgian embassy in Beijing (in collaboration with Gejianzhu), a series of school projects in Antwerp, a pedestrian bridge in Seraing and a memorial in El Salvador. Their projects anticipate the evolution of buildings over time and of different users. They are committed to resp onding in the best possible way to contextual, human, programmatic and economic questions. Although AgwA often proposes out-of-the-box solutions, their projects are simple, effective and sustainable on both an ecological and economic level.

AgwA's multi-faceted work has been nominated for national and international awards, and has been published and exhibited internationally. In October 2022, A+, in collaboration with Bozar, will organize the first monographic exhibition on AgwA's work with an accompanying publication.

AgwA is also active in education and research, mainly at KU Leuven and the Sint Lucas Brussels School of Art and Science. In 2018, the partners founded Architecture in Practice, an interuniversity research group for practicing architects. Since 2019 they publish the book series In Practice.

Reflection by Fallow | Fallow is a young and versatile architectural practice, based in Brussels, that focuses on spatial and socio-ecological challenges and a diverse interest in the broad field of architecture, landscape and urban design. Fallow is a collaboration between Matthias Salaets, Michaël Stas and Carmen Van Maercke, who build on experiences at offices such as Elding Oscarson, 51N4E, Studio Paola Viganò, Architecture Workroom Brussels and the Departement Omgeving (Flemish Government).

CHAPEX Palais des Expo in Charleroi (with jan de vylder inge vinck) _ © F. Dujardin

Lecture series on architecture urbanism and design
Curator: RE-ST architects

Can we design with what has already been used? Can we avoid discarding things that are still valuable? Can we reconsider what we value? Can we restore what is physically and/or mentally deteriorated? Can we determine the opposite of waste? Can we be satisfied with enough? Can we assume that everything is finite? Can we, by looking further back, become more forward-looking?

26.10 @ Hal 5 Locomotievenpad Leuven / 16.11 @ College De Valk Aula Zeger Van Hee Tiensestraat 41 Leuven / other lectures @ STUK Naamsestraat 96 Leuven

TICKETS | 016 320 320

€ 9 | STUK members € 7 | students € 5 | S&A members free entry

STUK Arts Centre, KU Leuven dep. architecture, Existenz | SUPPORT: City of Leuven, the Flemish Government | SPONSORING FEBELCEM, Vandersanden Group, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium | GRAPHIC DESIGN Buro Bertus

Wed 15 Feb 2023 20:00


College De Valk Aula DV1 02.56
  • Tiensestraat 41
  • 3000 Leuven


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