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Art of Sound #9: Space Edition (SLAC/Conservatorium Leuven)

Students from SLAC/Conservatorium Leuven present their experimental musical creations at STUK.


➤ Friday 19.01 - 20:00
➤ STUK Labozaal - Naamsestraat 96
➤ €7
➤ Seated concert with closed doors. Be on time, latecomers won’t be allowed to enter.
➤ The hall is wheelchair accessible.

After several years, the Art of Sound circus is back in its familiar spot in the Labo Hall. Nothing has changed about the formula: local amateurs are given the chance to present a musical-experimental project within a given theme. For this edition, inspiration came the Ocean of Sound festival at STUK, where numerous sound artists were able to experiment with 4DSOUND technology (an immersive sound system with 50 speakers). Here, music takes on a new dimension, that of space. Can space influence music? What impact can a moving sound source have on the creation process of new projects? The creative studio class of Jasper Vanpaemel & Vanesa Diaz Gil and the contemporary dance class of Kato Mergan (both from the Leuven Conservatory) are trying to formulate artistic answers to such questions. Have fun exploring!

Fri 19 Jan 2024 20:00


STUK Labozaal