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Artefact Night 2024: Bolis Pupul / NAH / Clara! & more

Steamy club night with rising star Bolis Pupul, besides high energy DJ sets and new live shows by a.o. Clara! and NAH.

Kolkende clubnacht met rijzende ster Bolis Pupul, naast high energy dj-sets en nieuwe live shows van o.a. Clara! en NAH.


21:00: doors
21:30: The Pilotwings (live) - STUKcafé
22:15: Clara! (live) - STEK
23:00: NAH — Totally Recalled (live AV) - STUKcafé
23:45: Céline Gillain (live) - STEK
00:30: Bolis Pupul (live) - STUKcafé
01:30: Jente Waerzeggers (dj) - STUKcafé
03:30: end


➤ Saturday 17.02 - 21:00
➤ STUKcafé & STEK - Naamsestraat 96, Leuven
➤ Standing concerts, drinks allowed
➤ Come early, everyone arriving before 22:00 receives a free drink token :-)

➤ Tickets: €7 (Early Bird, sold out) / €14 (standard) / €10 (STUK card / KU Leuven Culture Card)

STUK aims to be a safe(r) space for everybody.

We take any form of intimidation seriously, there is no place here for exercising or threatening with (psychological) violence.

Do you see or experience something that is not acceptable? Are you not feeling well? Speak to our team. You will recognise us by the orange badge or blue LED bracelet.

Take care of each other, even if you don't know each other (yet).
Take care of yourself, know your own limits.
Take care of our neighbours, don't hang around on the street.

Together we make STUK a place where everyone feels at home and can enjoy the evening without worries.

• The Pilotwings

The Pilotwings is a French-Swiss duo with a special connection to Leuven. During corona times, the duo camped for a while in Nacht's dark club space at Stelplaats and experimented with many instruments borrowed from Leuven musicians. The result is the album Leuven Works, the second physical release on Nacht's label. On this record, The Pilotwings combine genres as diverse as synthpop, dub, psychedelic folk and krautrock. During Artefact Night, this special project will be performed live for the first time in Leuven.

In collaboration with nacht / nacht records

• Céline Gillain

Céline Gillain is an artist based in Brussels working across the fields of experimental music, electronic music, and visual and performing arts. She has performed extensively in Europe during the last ten years. Her work explores the meeting points between dance floor, politics, the industry, and storytelling, deconstructing the codes and hierarchies that govern them. Seeking escape routes and operating in the loopholes, Céline feels at home in the inbetweens. With her debut LP Bad Woman she already performed at Artefact Sound 2020. Now, Gillain is coming back for a late night set following her second album Mind is Mud, recently released at Cortizona.

• NAH — Totally Recalled
(live AV, artist in residence)

Philadelphia born, Antwerp-based percussionist and sound manipulator, NAH is right at home at STUK. In recent years, he has blown the Leuven audience away several times with his explosive, almost aggressive way of drumming, and his super-fast collage-like beats full of distorted bass lines and mutilated samples. NAH is disruptive, alarming and brutally celebratory. His new project Totally Recalled is a reaction to the dominant American culture and our absurd petrification with media, trends and technologies. NAH wants to put the primitiveness of man back at the forefront, re-focus on the essence, the gut feeling. The result is a new album (to be released by VierNulVier records) and a stunner of an audiovisual live show. Because above all, NAH must be seen live.

• Clara! x Obsequeen's intimistic rework (live, artist in residence)

Clara! released her first solo EP, Pulso, via the internationally renown label AD93, sonically inspired by reggaeton, but infused by some great electronic music producers like SKY H1, Pearson Sound and Low Jack. For this occasion Clara! and Obsequeen are doing a completely new live reworking her songs in an intimistic way, no bass or dance vibes this time, only voice, guitar, synths and lots of emotions, for the sensitive, but still horny babes.

"Pulso is about sexual desire, my desire. Me as the subject, not only the object of it. I sing my pleasure and daydreams, because it's my body and my imagination, so I know what I like to feel." - Clara!

• Bolis Pupul

Bolis Pupul became best known as a musician and producer with Hong Kong Dong (along with his sister Sarah Yu Zeebroek) and alongside phenomenon Charlotte Adigéry. His first solo album will be released in spring 2024. The fact that Bolis' music sounds the way it does is no coincidence: he was born in Belgium to a Chinese mother and a surreal Belgian father (Kamagurka) and grew up in the vibrant Ghent music scene. He mixes 80s and 90s electronica - think Mr Fingers-like techno and the exuberant man-machine minimalism of Yellow Magic Orchestra) - with the heartfelt naivety of Belgian New Beat. But the real key to Bolis' musical secret lies in the fusion of Eastern and Western influences. Five years after the passage of Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul on Artefact Night in STUKcafé, Bolis will now take centre stage by himself and set STUK alight.

• Jente Waerzeggers

Be it as a photographer or musician, dj or radio maker, Jente Waerzeggers is a household name in the Leuven and Brussels underground scene. He has links with Kontakt Group, V23 and Not So Difficult Magazine, and was vocalist/guitarist of the former all star band De Nooit Moede (including Victor De Roo). His dj sets meander between musical subcultures and generations, ready for the dancefloor or an attentive listening audience.

Artefact Sound 2024 ‘At the still point of the turning world’
8.02 → 25.02
STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound

Sat 17 Feb 2024 21:00 - Sun 18 Feb 2024




€7 (Early Bird, sold out)
€14 (standard)
€10 (STUK card / KU Leuven Culture Card)