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Asuna — Falling Sweets / Afternoon Membranophone

Japanese sound art with colourful candy and toy instruments.

➤ STUK Studio
➤ Part 1 (Afternoon Membranophone): 20:30-21:00
➤ Part 2 (Falling Sweets): 22:00-22:30
➤ Performance with closed doors. Be on time, latecomers won’t be allowed to enter. No drinks allowed in the space.

Japanese artist Asuna creates performances and installations with sound. Central to his work are cheap consumer goods or disposable materials, such as sweets, adhesive tape or toy instruments. These colourful and often funny aspects are combined with electronics, effects and theatrical interventions, which gives his work also a strong artistic dimension. In his latest performance Falling Sweets / Afternoon Membranophone, the Japanese artist creates two meal scenes at the dinner table. However, the tableware has been replaced by toys and electronic musical instruments, and the meal is a colourful confectionary. This results in an experimental meal full of sound and humour.


STUK Studio


1 ticket for the entire night

FREE with KU Leuven Culture Card
€16 without KU Leuven Culture Card