Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert

Brick: Go Away Sorrow of the World

With a subtle art integration, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert have blessed the newly renovated site of STUK. The mantra 'Go Away Sorrow of the World' was coined by the artist duo in 2008 and works like a shadow whose concept always remains the same but whose physical bearer changes from time to time. It has been incorporated in a ritual, built into a foldable wooden suitcase, made into a pin and mounted on a giant lighting pole in the Sluispark of Leuven.

Brick - Go Away Sorrow of the World is part of the exhibition project As You Think So Shall You Become with which Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert took over the public space in Leuven with a combination of projects over the course of Spring and Summer 2022.

Curator: Karen Verschooren

Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank

Since 2012, Frank and Robbert go through life as the artist duo Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert. This intense collaboration forms the basis for their artistic practice and symbolizes their vision on friendship, collectivity, interplay and knowledge sharing. Together, they realise a multidisciplinary body of works, containing objects, prints, installations, videos, actions in public places and cross-over performances on the border between arts and theatre. With their works, they actively relate to the global society and formulate questions and poetical alternatives. Their work has been presented in solo exhibitions in a.o. Fred&Ferry Gallery (Antwerp), Croxhapox (Ghent), Netwerk (Aalst), Lage Egal Gallery (Berlin), Buda (Kortrijk) and Be-Part (Waregem), and in group shows in a.o. Baro Gallery (Sao Paulo), Charlama Contemporary Art Gallery (Sarajevo), Panthera Art Space (Brussels), Belvédère (Rotterdam), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Dr. Guislain Museum (Ghent) and BOZAR (Brussels).

They graduated with a master’s degree in visual arts from KASK Ghent in 2012. Since January 2021, they are represented by Fred&Ferry Gallery (Antwerp).

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Thu 8 Jun 2023 11:00 - Mon 4 Sep 2023