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STUK gift vouchers

Give some STUK for the holidays!

Looking for a proper Christmas present? Give your loved ones some Dance, Image & Sound with the STUK gift voucher! As a bonus, you receive exclusive STUK wrapping paper!

• You can choose the amount, between €5 and €100.
• The gift voucher can be used for all purchases on the STUK site, not for films of Cinema ZED or in STUKcafé.

STUK x de Warmste Week

You have your presents sorted, but you forgot the wrapping paper? STUK to the rescue! As part of van De Warmste Week, a solidarity action by Studio Brussels, we give a sheet of wrapping paper to everyone in exchange for a donation. The proceeds will go entirely to the Centre for the Prevention of Suicide. We want to support the Centre because of reasons that are very dear to the STUK team and our volunteers.

Fri 6 Dec 2019 20:00 - Wed 1 Jan 2020




€5 - €100