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ECCE/Claire Croizé, Unusual Symptoms & Zwerm


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Seven dancers and five musicians explore contradictory emotions in response to the current state of the world. Anger and despair, joy and lust blend into a choreography hinged between rock concert and opera. The prog-rock and psychedelia influenced sound on Zwerm’s current album Great Expectations encounters texts by the Italian writer Cesare Pavese, who traces dialogues of characters from Greek mythology, from which the individual language of the dancers is inspired. Brussels-based choreographer Claire Croizé’s works are characterised by a complex interplay of dance, space and music. Fabula marks her first collaboration with Unusual Symptoms, the dance company of Theater Bremen, Belgian band Zwerm, as well as with drummer Karen Willems.

Claire Croizé's work is often inspired by the physical, the intuitive in dance, emotion and gesture. Her love for this approach in music and dance has its origins in her very early years. The performance Fabula is an expression of Croizé's interest in the musicality of the body, body language and emotions and all this in relation to music.


By & with Paulina Będkowska, Gabrio Gabrielli, Maria Pasadaki, Nora Ronge, Andor Rusu, Young-Won Song, Csenger K. Szabó Choreography Claire Croizé Costume Design Anne-Catherine Kunz Music Zwerm & Karen Willems Lighting Design Jan Maertens Dramaturgy Etienne Guilloteau Assistant Directors Leon Stille, Andy Zondag Outer Eye Gregor Runge Production Management Anne Crevits, Alexandra Morales Assistant to Stage & Costume Designer Andrea Künemund Internship Adela Maharani Stage Manager Ellen Uta Merkert Production Theater Bremen Co-production Concertgebouw Brugge & ECCE with support of Flanders State of the Arts Unusual Symptoms is the dance company of Theater Bremen.

Tue 29 Apr 2025 20:00
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