Ben Rivers. Look Then Below (video still). Courtesy of the artist
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Ben Rivers & Christina Vantzou

Film concert Look Then Below

Electro-acoustic composer Christina Vantzou is becoming a household name in STUK. Last November she presented her new album N°5 in Studio STUK Manhattan. On October 12 we welcome her back for a live performance of the score she composed for Look Then Below, a film by British artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers.

In Look Then Below futuristic beings arise from the depths of the earth in an eerie, smoky landscape. The film was recorded in the spacious dark caves of Wookey Hole in Somerset. The subterraneous world of rooms, carved out throughout the ages, once contained remnants of lost civilisations. In Look Then Below the space is inhabited by a species, evolved from our ecological tradition, in a future subterraneous world.

Get carried away by the emotional and intuitive spaces Vantzou create

s with the sounds of a choirs, synths, whirling strings and electronics; a perfect match for Rivers' alien filmic places.

This film concert is part of TakeOFF UUR KULtUUR, a one-day festival by STUK an KU Leuven Culture on Thursday 12 October.

This film concert takes place in the framework of Ben Rivers' first solo exhibition in Belgium: It’s About Time (STUK Expozaal - 11 Oct > 10 Dec 2023 - free admission)

(°1974, Kansas City, Missouri)

Christina Vantzou is a composer from Brussels who is interested in time expansion, atmospheres and harmonies by means of electronics and acoustic instruments.

Her oeuvre consists of five numbered solo albums with ambient-classical music on the American label Kranky, the Multi-Natural LP from 2020, an excursion into abstract electronica and field recordings released by the Belgian label Edições CN, three full-length albums with John Also Bennett as CV & JAB, and many more solo and collaborative works.

Film: Ben Rivers. Look Then Below, 2019, 22 mins, S16 transferred to digital.
Narration: Mark von Schlegell, Sound: Christina Vantzou

Thu 12 Oct 2023 21:30




€16 (standard)
FREE with KU Leuven Culture Card