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Free STUKcafé concert: Vito

‘Belgicana’ quartet Vito sounds like Kurt Vile in the discotheque after closing time.

After UMM and Tristan, it’s time for Ghent-based band Vito to take over STUKcafé. Their vibrant indie rock led them to a place in Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting 2018, the audience award of Westtalent and the Young Music prize at Theater aan Zee. In their own words, they make “Belgicana: a mix of Patti Smith and Kurt Vile, in a club, after the last call.” March 1 marks the release of their debut EP Man With Feelings, a collaboration with The Bony King of Nowhere’s Bram Vanparys.

Sounds like: Kurt Vile, Tin Fingers, Mac Demarco

Thu 7 Feb 21:00 - 22:00