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The Nature of Building

– reflection by Laura Muyldermans

HARQUITECTES is a Catalan architecture studio founded in 2000 by architects David Lorente Ibáñez, Josep Ricart Ulldemolins, Xavier Ros Majó and Roger Tudó Galí. Their projects often start from an existing situation and reduce the question and the architectural design to its essence. With a limited palette of materials and as few building materials as possible, they create poetic and pragmatic architecture.

Given the fact that a building usually outlives its owner, HARQUITECTES designs architecture without status, where everyone feels comfortable regardless of cultural background. The focus is on the experience and the essential, every element they design is precise and indispensable: nothing can be removed and everything that is needed is present. Basic elements such as the structure and the shell are used substantially in their architecture and contribute to the overall experience. Solutions to challenges such as climate control are found in architecture rather than in technical installations.

The work of HARQUITECTES shows a great interest in the vernacular. Aspects such as honesty and no-nonsense architecture, the attraction of the anonymous and the creation of an intuitive and emotional experience characterize their work. With a minimum of materials, the architects create spatial heterogeneity. Their housing projects are stripped of everything superfluous and show a rather archaic composition of spaces. With small gestures, a specific sequence of spaces, attention to transitions and thresholds, they create a rich architectural experience.

Their work has been published in both national and international media, such as the El Croquis no 203 dedicated to their work between 2010-2020, and has received several recognitions and awards.

Reflection by Laura Muyldermans | Laura Muyldermans studied architecture at KU Leuven, Istanbul Technical University and Tokyo University, after which she worked at de vylder vynck taillieu for seven years. In 2018 she was appointed as a teaching assistant at the architecture faculty of the KU Leuven and the ULB La Cambre Horta. In her practice, Muyldermans mainly works on the basis of conversations and exchanges with various colleagues. This translates into a variety of interventions or buildings that question the usual experience of the existing in a simple way. Through her contributions to exhibitions, lectures, workshops and debates, she actively participates in the architectural culture in Brussels and beyond.

Civic Centre Lleialtat Santsenca 1214

Lecture series on architecture urbanism and design
Curator: RE-ST architects

Can we design with what has already been used? Can we avoid discarding things that are still valuable? Can we reconsider what we value? Can we restore what is physically and/or mentally deteriorated? Can we determine the opposite of waste? Can we be satisfied with enough? Can we assume that everything is finite? Can we, by looking further back, become more forward-looking?

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Wed 16 Nov 2022 20:00


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