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Liedjes Met Wortels II (5+)

Musical performance for kids, diving into the rich archives of sound collector Alan Lomax.

Lute player Jan Van Outryve takes a deep dive into the enormous archive of etno-musicologist Alan Lomax, picking out the prettiest songs. Together with singer Aline Goffin, the musical gems from all over the world are brought to life. The show’s common thread is the story of little Elan, exploring the world with her tape recorder. Jan and Aline enchant their audiences with little more than a voice, a ukelele, a lute and beautiful illustrations by Portugese drawing talent Beatriz Bagulho.

Presale stops at 8:00, no tickets at the door.
ENTRANCE via the Schapenstraat.
A face mask is mandatory, also during the performances - you can take it off when you nip from your drink.
Please follow all practical guidelines that you find in our FAQ.

10:00 & 13:00 doors
11:00 & 14:00 performance


Aline Goffin: vocals
Jan Van Outryve: ukulele, lute & cittern
Beatriz Bagulho: setting & props
A production by Zonzo Compagnie - with the support of Flanders

This event is part of the programme De Anderhalvemetersessies, the grand finale of De Zomer van 2020 – Samen in Leuven, a summer mix of music, theatre, film, family events and guided tours. Tickets go on sale 17 July at 10:00 via or at Visit Leuven, Naamsestraat 3, in Leuven.

Sun 16 Aug 2020 11:00
Sun 16 Aug 2020 14:00


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TICKETS on sale 17 JULY 10:00
via this link

Very limited capacity

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