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nacht invites: Erykah / Aquarian / Waltur

Leuven’s finest night curator puts together a club programmer tailor-made for the new venue STEK.

➤ Friday 15.09 - 23:00 > 05:00
➤ Club with open doors, drinks allowed

nacht is a Leuven collective of djs, organisers and music lovers known for their innovative club nights at the industrial venue STELPLAATS. For this club night, they are given carte blanche.

• Erykah

With a smile from ear to ear, we proudly present new kid on the block Erykah. In no time she built up an oeuvre in household names like C11, Dour, Kiosk Radio & COOL festival. New Kid already seems to be a dated term, in fact. She set many a dj booth on fire and is co-founder of Leda Collective, aiming to make the nightlife in and around Ghent safer and more inclusive. nacht looks up to Erykah, and we look forward to her passage.

• Aquarian

All the way from Canada, currently based in Berlin and for us here in our little town, Leuven. Rave music with influences from all around the globe: Berlin, London, Detroit, ... you name it. One big ball of hybridity as an ode to the dance floor, that's what Aquarian brings. As a DJ and producer he has made his mark on both sides of the Atlantic. He broke through in NYC, flew over to Europe and captured the hearts of many great artists and clubs here. Think Avalon Emerson, Berghain and Aphex Twin, to name a few. Eclectic electro, old school jungle and bassy uk garage blend together delicately. BPMs will fly into the air and STEK will explode, we promise (sorry STUK).

• Waltur

Antwerp powerhouse Waltur is probably a less known name for most, so here's some extra info. Waltur - real name Ariane - is co-founder of the all female driven collective Burenhinder and dj in all meanings of the word. That becomes clear in fast-paced high energy hardcore sets, as well as more ambient and progressive electro that can sometimes take the upper hand. Diversity galore - a keystone for her collective Burenhinder as well. 8 female deejays and artists who, together, try to make the stereotypical - men-driven - music industry realise it is time for change - thank god for that. 15 September, are you ready? We know we are.