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Showcase Emerging Sound 2021: performances

Live performances by Andrés Navarro García and Beyt Al Tapes at the courtyard of STUK, as part of the Showcase Emerging Sound 2021

➤ Live performances
➤ 14 May 2021 - 21:00
➤ STUK Binnenplein (outdoor)
➤ Combine this with the exhibition Showcase Emerging Sound 2021

➤ STUK is only accessible via the Naamsestraat. The performances start at 21:00 sharp and take about one hour in total.
➤ This will be a seated concert in open air, without a roof.Please dress warmly and bring a rain jacket or umbrella.
➤ Wearing a face mask is mandatory in the entire STUK building, also during the concerts.
➤ There will be a small bar : you can order a drink upon arrival, and consume it once you are seated. Digital payments only, via Bancontact or Payconiq.

A project by STUK - House for Dance, Image & SOund, Q-O2 Werkplaats, Musica, Impulscentrum voor Muziek & C-TAKT.


Andrés Navarro García - For Amplified Metal Plate and Objects
Beyt Al Tapes - Cycling for Electronic Raga

As part of the Showcase Emerging Sound 2021 (expo 12 → 16 May), STUK, Q-O2, Musica and C-TAKT also present two live performances in STUK's courtyard. Percussionist Andrés Navarro García explores the sonorous qualities of a reinforced metal plate. Using his bare hands and various found objects such as stones or tubes, he creates the most diverse sounds out of the plate. In addition, experimental musician Niels Latomme a.k.a. Beyt Al Tapes jumps on his racing bike for a repetitive performance in which he physically goes into extremes.

Fri 14 May 2021 21:00


STUK Binnenplein


€8 (standard)
€4 (reduction)