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Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

Solos and duets

In Solos and duets, Golden Lion winner Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods offer you a unique insight into their work. Stuart, who made an international breakthrough during Klapstuk in Leuven, bundles some of her most remarkable solos and duets, including fragments from evening-filling pieces, in a single performance supported by live music.
You see writhing bodies in a desolate landscape, hands and a head that move to the rhythm of an explosive drum solo, and a playful duet in which two women take control of their own identity and the gaze of the viewer.

Solos and duets offers a spectrum from a striking oeuvre, at once abstract and recognisable, modest and energetic, and that continues to grow, live and transform. A must-see.


choreography Meg Stuart | performers Márcio Kerber Canabarro, Vânia Rovisco, Maria F. Scaroni, Claire Vivianne Sobottke | live music Jordan Dinsdale, les trucs (Charlotte Simon & Toben Piel) | technical coordination Tom De Langhe | light design Emanuelle Petit | light Emanuelle Petit | sound Vincent Malstaf | tour manager Delphine Vincent | production Damaged Goods | Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods are supported by the Flemish Government and the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region
Tue 16 May 2023 20:00




€ 20/16 (tier 1)
€ 16/12 (tier 2)

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