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STUK START Sound parcours : Rizan Said, BLOW 3.0 & more

A musical journey through STUK with concerts, performances and installations by Rizan Said, BLOW 3.0, Walter Hus, Edwin van der Heide, Nguyễn & Transitory. Free entrance and with opening party!

STUK kicks off the season with a stunner. A trail with five concerts, performances and installations leads you through the building, demonstrating music and sound art’s diversity. We begin the trail with the imposing Decap organ from composer Walter Hus, an automatic orchestra that plays 90s rave through its organ pipes. This is followed by two Belgian premieres: an installation of lasers by sound artist Edwin van der Heide, and a ritual performance by the Berlin duo Nguyễn & Transitory. The masked trio BLOW 3.0 then sets the Ensemblezaal on fire with their exciting cocktail of jazz, rock and electronic beats. Finally, we conclude with a Syrian dance party from ‘the king of keyboard’ himself, Rizan Said, a.k.a. the acclaimed keyboardist of Omar Souleyman.

BLOW 3.0

Compelling electro jazz played by masked saxophonists.

Th 26 Sep 22:15-23:00
STUK Ensemblezaal

Rizan Said

‘The King of Keyboard’ Rizan Said, a.k.a. the acclaimed keyboardist of Omar Souleyman, guarantees an unforgettable Syrian dance party.

Th 26 Sep 23:15-00:00
STUK Ensemblezaal

Thu 26 Sep 2019 19:45



20:00-0:00 STUKcafé / Labozaal / Studio / Ensemblezaal

The route lasts approximately 4 hours but you can step in or out of the trail at any time, or have a drink.

FREE without tickets