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Vica Pacheco / Maika Garnica & Nico Dockx + guests

Performative musical landscapes with self made ceramic instruments.

➤ Date 20.05.22 → 20:00
➤ Address: Cas-co, Vaartstraat 94, Leuven
➤ Tickets: €10 / €6 reduction (STUK card or KU Leuven Culture Card) / Free for Subbacultcha members)
➤ Accessibility: The entrance for people in wheelchairs is via the back entrance (Kardinaalstraat 51)


19:45 Doors
20:00 Maika Garnica & Nico Dockx + guests Casper Van De Velde & Teun Verbruggen (performance) + Prana Nibbering (tea ceremony)
21:00 Vica Pacheco - Animacy or A breath Manifest
22:00 End

Maika Garnica is an Antwerp-based artist who creates ceramic objects that are at the same time sculptures and instruments. For Hear Here, she joins forces with artist Nico Dockx. With their work Embedded Tonality they attempt to convert their own physicality into sounding tones. The lengths of their body parts are measured and translated into clay forms, which in turn serve as sound objects. For the occasion, Garnica and Dockx invite jazz percussionists Casper Van De Velde (schntzl, Bombataz) and Teun Verbruggen (Jef Neve Trio, Flat Earth Society)to perform with these instruments. Afterwards, Prana Nibbering will bring a tea ceremony with ceramic cups specially made for this.

Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico, but lives and works in Brussels. In her multifaceted practice she combines electroacoustic music, sound art, video animation and sculpture. Her performance Animacy Or A Breath Manifest emerged from an investigation into pre-Columbian instruments made from ceramics. This resulted in a series of marvelous whistle-sculptures that open up an entire new sonic universe, in which breathing, organicity and energy are central elements. In doing so, Pacheco builds upon ancient musical and ritual practices as well as mythological meanings.

Fri 20 May 2022 20:00


  • Vaartstraat 94
  • 3000 Leuven


€10 standard
€6 reduction (STUK card or KU Leuven Culture Card)
Free for Subbacultcha members