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Voice Actor / Ameel Brecht + aftershow: Pega

Whispering Friday night with enigmatic British artist Voice Actor and the inimitable string virtuoso Ameel Brecht.


19:30 doors + bar + expo Elise Eeraerts en Roberto Aparicio Ronda
20:00 Ameel Brecht
21:30 Voice Actor
22:30 aftershow: Pega (bar)

Ameel Brecht
Ameel Brecht is a guitarist, composer and founder of the collective Razen. His string playing is fragile, virtuosic and displays an unimaginable talent for composition. Gentle arpeggios, meandering melodies, slowness, recordings bursting with life, colour and detail: all aspects that characterise Ameel Brecht's melancholic pieces. His latest album The Locked Room was released by the label Blickwinkel. On this, Ameel plays the mandolin and an instrument new to him: the violone. It always gets under the skin live.

— Ameel Brecht - The Locked Room (Bandcamp).

Voice Actor (live AV)
Voice Actor was originally conceived as a radio project with 109 tracks released by the label Stroom under the title Sent From My Telephone. The result is breathtaking and without a doubt a contemporary masterpiece. Weird library music, hip-hop instrumentals, low fi beats, and sculptural sound collages pass without transition, guided by the voice of Voice Actor, who sometimes sings dreamily like Nico or Grouper, sometimes talks ASMR-style. The speed and randomness with which tracks, samples, fragments and genres rush by nods to the fleeting TikTok culture. The album's strangely calm and uneasy atmosphere works on the mind for three and a half hours and leaves the listener with numerous questions, something only great art can do.

— Voice Actor - Sent From My Telephone (Bandcamp).

Aftershow: Pega
This Brussels-based guitar trio describes itself as 'dino post-punk'. They started out as an attic project, moved to the basement, and ended up in the bedroom. Noise rock from between the ficus plant and the china cabinet. Drum, bass, guitar and voice: prestigious rock 'n' roll guaranteed!

This album is about a struggle with the experience of reality, and about the places and zones where you cross over into a different territory. I tried to address these fixations on steel mandolin and gut-string violone.

Brecht Ameel over The Locked Room
Fri 21 Apr 2023 20:00 - 22:30


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven


€16 (basis)
€12 (reductie)