Aymara Parola - La Cautiva (Working Title) Epic Delirium of Movement and Sound

During this one week residence Aymara Parola adventures into a remote try out with the artist Damian Cortes Alberti, from Austria, for a future project together with the pianist and composer Lea Petra.

La Cautiva (The Captive), is a scenic experiment that critically observes the format of “Solo” as a discursive way of representing the self. The hypothesis borrowed from Gestalt psychology that says: The Whole is Other than the Sum of the Parts. It is what drives the idea of creating a work of self- fiction split into two solos that shape a single discourse but at the same time maintain their autonomy. The goal is to explore the potential of the scenic dialectic generated by this "duet" fragmented into two autonomous “solo”.

We are interested in the possibility of creating a hybrid discourse where body, space, time, reality and fantasy are intermingled in a ludic, non-hierarchical and fluid space of communion with the audience. For that we will address both the biographical elements of the interpreters and literary material from the Argentine tradition. During the work process, the stories-sometimes painful or traumatic-will become literary material, generating distance, dance and music; abstracting reality, following the logic of delirium so that the performers can see their own lives as if they were someone else’s.

AYMARÁ PAROLA was born in Argentina, and has been based in Brussels, Belgium since 2009. Her first dance steps were in traditional Argentine folk dance and ballet, and currently active in the field of dance, theater and performance. Since 2011, Aymará has been working with the dance company Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, in the productions: Oedipus / Bêtnoir, What’s the Prediction ?!, Spiritual Unity and What The Body Does not Remember.

She collaborated with the choreographer Ayelen Parolin for the creation Autoctonos, presented at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Montpelier Danse (2017). She joined the creation DIE BAKCHEN by Wim Vandekeybus, at the Cuvilliés theater, Munich (2019). She created El NACIMIENTO or [REBIRTH] a Telenovela in 13 Acts, a dance, music and theater piece together with the choreographer/singer Ariah Lester (VE) presented at CAMPO, Gent and at the Jonge Harten Theaterfestival, Groningen (2019).

was born in Argentina where she studied music and in parallel, architecture. She moved to Brussels in 1999 and 2010 she finalized her participation in the Advanced Performance and Scenography program, a.pass. Her research is based on interpretative resources related to musical language. She developed the concept of “interfered piano” that differs from the prepared piano where the strings are prepared in advance, the “interfered piano” arises from interacting, influencing, hindering the mechanics of the instrument by means of different objects with different materials or the own body, to provoke the sound change during the performance.

Lea has composed music for several dance, theatre, circus and instrumental music shows and was nominated for the SABAM 2018 awards in the category Stage Music.

was born in Argentina. He studied dance and theater and moved to Europe in 2008. He was part of the ensemble of Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany and later at Landestheater Linz, Austria. Since 2016 he is actively involved as a freelance dancer, actor, choreographer and teacher in different productions in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Spain, and South Korea, and continues his research in the art field doing a Doctorate in Arts at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz where he graduated with honors in 2019 as a Master of Arts, Dance and Education.