Francesca Chiodi Latini - HOLDERS

HOLDERS is a participatory and transdisciplinary research by dancer and choreographer Francesca Chiodi Latini about the human ability to hold and express memory.

The research consists of multidisciplinary workshops with movement, performativity and textile explorations to share and to collect the ungraspable. Francesca closely involves non-professional elders, HOLDERS of precious and invaluable knowledge in her research. Their presence and input is key to explore the performative power of memory.

Central questions in Francesca’s research are: how can I make elders the protagonists of their own process and how can my practice as an artist be a tool for this? How can I, within my practice, support them in telling their own story?

With HOLDERS Francesca wants to deepen her practice by exploring what the ageing body’s physical possibilities can express when accessed with consciousness. A movement research will investigate how the intangible realm of memory, visible and concrete in the physical body of elderly people, can be expressed and shared through performativity. Can the power of their memory be performatively expressed within their own physicality? Through her knowledge of dance, performance and somatic practices Francesca aims to research a methodology while developing her personal practice towards a more community-based approach.

The research includes a close collaboration with textile and visual artist Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda and musicians Kris Vanderstraeten and Ruben Machtelinckx


Concept by Francesca Chiodi Latini
In collaboration with Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda
Music by Kris Vanderstraeten & Ruben Machtelinckx
Coached by Marc Vanrunxt
Participants residency STUK Maria Fernanda Aguiar de Arêde, Jeannine Titeca, Josiane Vander Biest, Godelieve Weuts
Residency partners wpZIMMER, de Warande, Fameus, KAAP, STUK
With the support of Vlaamse Overheid

Born in Torino, Italy in 1993, Francesca Chiodi Latini is a performer and choreographer based in Leuven, Belgium. She has been working for Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez as a performer, rehearsal director and assistant since 2017 (Nomadics, Into the Open, The Sea Within). Since 2019 Francesca is a Trajectory Artist at wpZimmer in Antwerp. JARDIN POILU, her first purely choreographic creation, premiered in September 2020.

After pursuing her studies in contemporary dance in Torino and in Paris, she moved to Belgium where she attended the Royal Conservatory for Dance in Antwerp, graduating in 2017. Her education has always intertwined with creative projects as well as personal choreographic creations.In 2014 she composed her first solo PRIMARI, presented in different festivals in Europe. She then joined Batucada by Marcelo Evelin (Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2014). In 2015 she joined the project Atlante del Gesto by Virgilio Sieni Company, performed in the Prada Foundation in Milano (IT). In 2016 she composed her second solo AMARYLLIS, finalist of the Brussels Contemporary Dance Competition.