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Judith Dhondt & Urte Groblyte - Dust

Rehearsals for the creation of Dust, Master project to conclude the MA STUDIOS programme at PARTS in Brussels, which will be presented at Kaaitheaterstudios at the end of May 2024.

‘Dust’ questions love languages, and more precisely the cannibalistic language of love. It wants to dive deeper into ideas of symbiosis & love from a non-harmonic point of view, and plurality of the self.

Two beings move through the scene. Sometimes they become a rock together, able to rub against and spread. The rock falls apart and becomes many. Selves split and are mixed up. They love (each other) but it is a strange kind of love… They look for each other's edges, and discover they have always been crumbled.
These creatures have a language - they move it in their mouths as they chew it. Language is used as a tool to look for multiplicity.

Judith Dhondt, Urte Groblyte – MA students at PARTS

Created & performed by Judith Dhondt & Urtė Groblytė
Music: Luis Ramirez Muñoz
Scenography: Sibran Sampers
Light: Wannes Vanspauwen
Dramaturgy: Milan Van Bortel
Graphic design: Arno Huyghens
Mentoring: Chloe Chignell & Stefa Govaert
Special thanks to: Christine De Smedt, Marie Goudot, Steven De Belder and all of MA STUDIOS class

Judith Dhondt & Urtė Groblytė met during their MA studies in P.A.R.T.S. During these two years they started a collaboration on & found each other in a mutual interest for language and the playful but not so innocent space of erotics.

Judith (1998) is a performer, maker and writer. For the past years she has been active as a performer/maker in the collective: NOON. NOON is a transdisciplinary collective that nourishes interconnection, moved by environmental issues and by the question of relationality in a broad sense. In 2021 Judith also graduated from the MA program, Drama, of KASK, Ghent (BE). Currently she is enrolled in the MA program of P.A.R.T.S., STUDIOS.

Urtė (1999) is a Lithuanian contemporary dance artist and performer currently living, working, and studying in Brussels (BE). Urtė started her education at the National M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts(LT). Urtė graduated from P.A.R.T.S. with a bachelor’s diploma in 2022 and is now continuing her masters there.

Her artistic interests flow through different mediums, often questioning the body’s limits and strength. She is interested in the use and embodiment of imagination and poetics, where usually objects (physical or metaphorical) and bodies interact and exchange their qualities, become one another, and how, in this exchange, the absurdity, feelings, and playfulness function.