Liz Kinoshita - 11 O'clock

In this new creation, Liz Kinoshita reaches into her mechanisms of the musical research to focus on one particular mechanism, the '11 o'clock number', traditionally found in musicals as the second to last number wherein a protagonist makes a pivotal realisation through a soliloquy-like address, generally with plenty of emotion, conviction, drive and heart. Historically it can be a show-stopper or a melancholic reflective moment. Liz has an interest in how we conduct ourselves, and what power there is in listening to and observing each other's methods for dealing with today's quandaries... Do we pray, do we indulge, do we lash out, do we acquiesce? The title 11 O'clock lends itself to the connotation of the 11th hour, of impending catastrophe, of immediacy and directness, to be delivered on stage. As always Liz strives to make performance in which the audience feels addressed and energized. 11 O'clock aims to come face to face with our truths through dance, song and direct rhetoric.

Liz Kinoshita was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Europe in 2002. She studied at PARTS in Brussels, Belgium from 2004-2008. Liz has worked with ZOO/Thomas Hauert, Tino Sehgal, tgSTAN, Eleanor Bauer/Good Move, among others, as well as making her own work. In 2011, at the invitation of Walter Verdin Liz collaborated with Congolese theatre-maker Ornella Mamba, resulting in the performance Article 0.0. In 2013 she started her research into the mechanisms of the musical. In 2014 she created VOLCANO, a contemporary dance backstage musical performance. In 2017 Liz premiered Radical Empathy (commissioned by Den Danske Scenekunstskole) and You Can't Take It With You, an in-the-round performance about waste vs necessity. Liz was part of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's choreographic team for West Side Story on Broadway. Liz's new creation 11 O'clock is set to premiere December 11th 2020 in the Stadsschouwburg Brugge.