MonkeyMind Company I Lisi Estaras - What We Can Do Together

Lisi Estaras creates an inclusive performance for 8 dancers from Belgium and South Africa, people with and without disabilities. The focus lies on MIXABILITY. What We Can Do Together (working title) wants to set into gears an exchange that aims at listening to the other and the other's reality, instead of knowing and defining the other. Our prejudices about things, our own experience and frame of reference define the shape of and the way we approach the other. There is little space (openness) to see the other as a new individual in a continuous process of transformation. The production is aimed at a way of being together that allows everyone their one inclusivity. When working with mixability dancers, the use of physical tools and the development of skills are essential. This work demands a permanent dialogue with and between the dancers. This can only happen by taking time, installing a slow process that starts from the individual.


Concept an choreography Lisi Estaras • Created with the dancers Hannah Bekemans, Nadine McKenzie, Elie Tass, Andile Vellem, Tebandeke Joseph, Zoë Chungong and Julia Luna Dierens/Sophie Warnant • Assistant for Hannah Bekemans:Marjan Colombie (B) • Assistant for Julia Luna Dierens: Frank Dierens (B) • Dramaturgy: Sara Vanderieck (B) • Music composition: Gabriel Chwojnik (ARG) • Light and scenography: Helmut Van den Meersschaut (B) • Costumes: Noluthando Lobese (Z-A) • Administration and head of production: Nicole Petit (B) • Producers MonkeyMind vzw/MonkeyMind Company en Unmute Dance Company • In co-production with Vrijstaat Kunstefees, Bloemfontein, Charleroi danse, centre chorégraphique de Wallonie - Bruxelles and December Dance, Brugge
With the support of STUK Leuven (residency) • With the support of Vlaamse Overheid, Departement Cultuur, Jeugd en Media en Diplomatieke Vertegenwoordiging van Vlaanderen in Zuid-Afrika

MonkeyMind vzw Ghent, B is the inclusive production platform that supports the parcours of Ghent/Argentinian choreographer Lisi Estaras. Her conceptual and artistic research and creations are developed from this base in Ghent into international contemporary performances and shows.

Under the artistic direction of Lisi Estaras, the financial direction of Nicole Petit and local and international artistic collaborators, MonkeyMind makes inclusive dance productions, inspired by the complex times we live in, fed by research on the acquisition of language and movement, with ART (danse) BRUT as one of the main sources of inspiration.

Mankind and human imperfection are central themes in Lisi's work and research.

The focus lies in investing in inclusive dialogue and questioning widespread cliche views of the limited other. She invites the audience to look in a different way and break through prejudices and cliches.