Nat Gras - wijtwee // nosotrosdos

wijtwee / nosotrosdos is a physical and visual dance performance for everyone six year and older, which can be experienced as a performance, exposition or concert. The two performers take on a variety of roles : they are the artists who show their work, technicians who build up and take down the decor, musicians on the sideline, statues in the space and dancers looking for the light. They share with the audience the unique, intimate and open friendship that can exist between two young men.

Creation: Hernan Mancebo Martinez & Samuel Baidoo
Coaching: Goele Van Dijck
Image: Hanne Holvoet
Sound: Simon Beeckaert
Production/administration: Lena Meckler (Kosmonaut)

Hernan Mancebo Martinez (Granada, 1990) started his career in the martial arts (kung fu) and became a kung fu teacher after years of training. Six year later he took his first steps in contemporary dance by studying at the Reina Sofia Conservatory in Granada. After two years, his interest for Belgian dance took him to Antwerp, where he attended the Royal Conservatory. After graduating, Herman worked for Renan Martins and Agostina D’Alessandro. Together with Rino Sokol, he made Physical Proof, performing it at Theater Aan Zee in the summer of 2019. At the moment he works for Tuur Marinus and De Spiegel, and as a kung fu teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

Samuel Baidoo (Belgium, 1992) graduated as a Master in illustration and graphic design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp before starting his dance training at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. After graduating there, he created small-scale projects; Oceanus for Closing Night in the Bruges Opera, Song for A Burning House for MayDay MayDay by Campo Gent and De Zonnekoning in collaboration with Simon Beeckaert, performed at Bouge B in deSingel. At the moment he works as a freelancer for Nat Gras (Heel-huids), Tuur Marinus, and Michiel Vandevelde

In 2011 he founded Hanafubuki, a young project-based company that works with artists from various disciplines. These collaborations dictate the form and content of Hanafubuki's works. The oeuvre has a large diversity, always focusing on the visual aspect.