Nina Glockner - Collective Voice Detector XXL

Residency in preparation of Playground 2021.

Collective Voice Detector XXL is an interactive project exploring the boundaries between art and consultancy, spectator and player, and performance and game. It focuses on how we work together, communicate and decision-making within groups. People who form groups in daily life are invited to be audience and participants. They play a game that combines an aesthetic and sensory approach with verbal and non-verbal communication. Nina Glockner thus offers the group new ways to think, communicate and act – with one another instead of alongside one another.

Amsterdam-based artist Nina Glockner holds a Master in Fine arts from Sandberg Institute (NL), a Bachelor from Minerva Academie Groningen (NL), and has studied philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin (D). Recently she has been an artist-in-residency at the Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht.

Nina Glockner’s performative practice is about exploring the thin line between executing control and being under a state of control. It deals with (power) relationships among humans, objects, and actions in a given space – ranging from institutional and organisational, to the private. It is about creating a dialogue between these building modules that mark the social playground. Then within this, examining where subjectivity reveals an encounter with ‘the other’.

With the support of the Mondriaan Fund.