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Sooraj Subramaniam - PALLAVI

Inspired by the Sanskrit word “pallavi”, choreographer Sooraj Subramaniam explores themes of blooming and growing through the Odissi dance vocabulary. This technical works pulls at the seams of this east-Indian dance language - grounded, curved, rich in intricate footwork and gestural detail - as it finds contemporary expression through the evolution of movement from abstract minimalism to dense, kaleidoscopic motifs.

The focus of this residency will be to put the final touches on the work with the assistance of dramaturg David Hernandez. While we clarify and refine the architectural relationships of the work, we will simultaneously examine the emotional arc of the piece, negotiating how the individual dancers will discover movement within themselves, and then each other in the dancing space through curiosity and camaraderie. The work premieres as a double bill alongside a solo - nimbus by Sooraj Subramaniam - on the 24th of November, before going on tour.


Choreographer - Sooraj Subramaniam
Performers - Abhayalakshmi MB, Monami Nandy, Akshiti Roychowdhury & Sriradha Paul
Dramaturg - David Hernandez
Production team - Magenta vzw, Gent (Ayla Joncheere & Laura Neyskens)

Sooraj Subramaniam is an Australian-Belgian dance artist of Malaysian-Indian heritage, fluent in the Indian dances styles of Bharatanatyam and Odissi, and also ballet and contemporary forms. Having experienced dance in various cultural settings, Sooraj has come to understand that ‘contemporary’, rather than referring to any one form or vocabulary, implies a manner of working that is immediate and personal. As such, Sooraj situates his work in hyphenated spaces, drawing heavily on poetic motifs and choreographic frameworks from Indian dance, while investigating the intersections between traditional and contemporary techniques with the aim to arrive at something hybrid and personal.