Yusuf & Lingerwalt

Musicians Yusuf and Lingerwalt have a lot in common: both were born and raised in Leuven, and they make electronic synth compositions with a dark edge. In the summer of 2019 they share STUK's Pavilion 4 to work on new material: Yusuf creates a new AV show that will premiere at STUK START 2019, Lingerwalt will bring his soundscapes in the beautiful wooden Auditorium.

Producer and vocalist Yusuf a.k.a. Jonas Steurs first rose to the attention with Studio Brussels' De Nieuwe Lichting. 2019 saw the release of a new EP, Seraph, where his melodic vocal and cello melodies met chopped up beats in the style of Lanark Artefax. Commissioned by STUK, Yusuf will create an audiovisual translation of the album, with visuals by French graphic artist Sybil Montet.

Lingerwalt works on a new release during this STUK residency, confronting the darker sides of our technophile society and the illnesses of our time.

“Our digital image slowly turns into a distorted reflection with a fancy filter on top, avoiding the gray shades of life. Does this image gradually start leading its own life, away from the real one? In spite of our ever-growing individualism, do we know our own identity? Do we become less critical of the difference between fun and happiness? Is there place and time to be unhappy? Do we deliberately fall for the marketing traps of role models in the hope to fill voids, the same way they do? These thoughts form the foundations of a raw sound palet that tries to shape a dystopian future." - Lingerwalt