Getting there

Naamsestraat 96 B-3000 Leuven

From the station

Take Bondgenotenlaan in the direction of the town centre. You will get to Grote Markt (market square). On your left, you will find the Leuven Town Hall. The Town Hall is on the corner of Grote Markt and Naamsestraat. Turn right inmmediately behind the Town Hall. You are now on Naamsestraat. STUK is located at number 96, on your right.

By bus

At the train station, you can take bus 1 or 2 in the direction of Heverlee Campus. Ask the driver to stop at Heilig Hart Hospital on the Naamsestraat. Walk back 50 meters, and you will find STUK at number 96.

From the motorway E40 Brussels - Luik

Take exit 22 ("Leuven"). Right after a sharp turn, you will get on the E314. Immediately take the first exit (Exit 15: "Leuven"). You will get on Koning Boudewijnlaan. Continue driving on this four-lane road. Drive past two traffic lights. After the second traffic lights, you will see a viaduct. Turn right just before the viaduct. You are now on the Ring around Leuven. You will find the Naamsepoort. At the traffic lights, turn left onto Naamsestraat. STUK is located at number 96, on your left

From the motorway E314 Hasselt - Leuven

Take exit 22, onto Mechelsesteenweg. Turn left into the direction of Leuven. Take the right lane. 500 meters further, you will find traffic lights. Turn right. You are now on the Ring around Leuven. At the first traffic lights (the Tervuursepoort), go straight. Take the left lane. You are now driving on a viaduct. Turn left at the first traffic lights (the Naamsepoort), onto Naamsestraat. STUK is located at number 96, on your left.

To all those who come by car: Always take the Ring around Leuven, to the Naamsepoort. There, you turn onto Naamsestraat. If you take a different road, chances are very small you make it in time for the performance. The main part of the city centre is traffic-free.


If you turn onto Naamsestraat from the Ring around Leuven, you will find the Heilig Hart parking (opposite the hospital) on your left (check the rates here). You'll find STUK some 100 meters further.