Claire Huber - No.oN

Onderzoeksresidentie voor de voorstelling No.oN. Een project dat het concept 'het lichaam dat nee zegt' bekijkt in zijn poëtische, fysieke en ritmische manifestaties.

The work builds on a rhythmical figure (non periodicity and irregular accentuation) to interlace three elements : live percussion music (derived from Rebond A by Iannis Xenakis), the poem « No.oN » and a choreographic trio. For the residency in STUK in January 2020, the choreographic research will further delve into two aspects of the work :

- The movement vocabulary of the resisting body : inclination as an enduring posture of desire and of relation without/before action, (up)rising and torsions as insurrectional dynamics and percussivity as a physical accentuation.

- The complete inter-dependence of the text enonciation, the body movements and the percussion.

An ongoing dramaturgical question hovers over the the research work : What is the physical and rhythmical thread that binds the two following questions ?

- What is it in us that does not want and stops us from doing ?

- And what needs to happen so that suddenly someone feels the licence of resisting ?

Concept, text and direction: Claire Huber
Creation and performance : Mariana Miranda, Elena Vertegel, Claire Huber and Kaja Farszky (live percussion)
Musical score : derived from Rebonds A by Iannis Xenakis.
Dramaturgy : Alain Franco
Costume design : Annabelle Locks

Confirmed partners : STUK (Leuven), La Ménagerie de verre (Paris, France), Garage Performing Art center (Corfou, Greece), De School van Gaasbeek (Belgium), Mediterranean Dance Center (Croatia), CDCN Toulouse - La place de la Danse (Toulouse, France), CDCN L’échangeur (Chateau-Thierry, France)