Ines Minten, Soolmaz Shoaie, Sina Shoaie & Masoumeh Jalalieh - B_O_R_D_E_R (werktitel)

Masoumeh, Soolmaz en Ines werken aan het project B_O_R_D_E_R (werktitel). Na een onderzoeksfase van drie maanden, waarin door literatuurstudie en brainstormsessies de lijnen voor het project zijn uitgezet, wordt tijdens de residentie in STUK de theorie omgezet in praktijk. Welk bewegingsmateriaal kan uit het onderzoek voortvloeien? Welke installatie-elementen passen erin? Ze gebruiken de tijd in STUK om dat materiaal af te bakenen en te ontwikkelen, en willen ook experimenteren met de set-up: black box of publieke ruimte? In een later stadium wordt het materiaal verder ontwikkeld en geassembleerd tot een transdisciplinaire performance.

Border – associations

Border _ edge _ end _ verge _ boundary _ lip _ margin _ skirt _ brim _ frontier
Entry _ limitation _ surface _ line _ neighborhood _ touch
Division _ separation
Entering _ possessing _ dividing _ sharing
Adaptation _ adjoining _ adjacent

Constantly and everywhere, people are confronted with borders and boundaries in every possible meaning of the words (physical or mental, external or internal…). But what are these borders exactly? What boundaries do we live with? Where are they? Who or what decides that? Can we change them? Do we really want to?

These borders and boundaries are paradoxical things. Often, they symbolize restriction: we impose them on ourselves or on others. At the same time, as several philosophers have pointed out, they are important conditions for freedom. Do they constrain us? Or do we need them? Or both? And how is that possible?

This project wants to research the meanings and possibilities of borders and boundaries, leading towards a transdisciplinary performance that unites dance/movement with architecture/installation and music.

We would like to start from what is present in the rehearsal room: the human body. What borders and boundaries does it have? How do those relate to other bodies, to the surroundings? We may go further and connect to the relation between humans and nature, and the borders that can get transgressed between them (macro level). Or, opposite to this, to the one between human bodies and the microcosms within (where transgression means disease).

Complementary to this research of body and movement, we would like to research architectural elements of installation which could be integrated in the performance. We now imagine, for example, the constellation of a pomegranate as a sample of borders and neighborhood and the inside and outside. Here, we would like to experiment with possibilities for the audience to interfere with these ‘borders’ or other spectators’ positions within the space (= interactional line of thought).

Current lines of thought center around keywords such as: public/personal/intimate space – your freedom ends where mine begins – geographical/physical borders as metaphors for mental/internal ones – the relationship humankind/nature as a metaphor for the relationship between microbes/viruses/illnesses and the human beings they inhabit.

Ines Minten writes about art and culture, for media (De Standaard, Rekto:Verso, Collect…) and organisations (Museum M, Kunstwerkt Leuven, Cultuurloket, Playground Festival…). She has a background in art critique (theatre, dance, visual arts) and more recently, she has been using this experience for (dance) dramaturgy. She has studied Germanic languages (English/Dutch), Journalism and Theatre studies.

Sina Shoaie started his music adventure from 1996 by practicing Alto flute.

In 2002 he went to Ukraine to continue his education in Design Thinking at the Kiev National University of Technology and Design. At the same time he continued his journey through various musical styles, and collaborated and participated in many events. His interest in sound synthesis sparked an idea of how sound may affect the biochemistry of the human body. This gradually lead to multi-disciplinary researches and co-operations with several artists and engineers, which then resulted in a series of workshops and lectures, widely targeted from architecture to effective sound design for motion pictures and multimedia.

In 2011, Sina started his professional career as an electronic musician and sound designer, performing on official stages and at festivals. Some notable events are listed below:

- Sound design for children theatre “Secret of butterflies” – Tehran 2018
- Expectance - 3rd Tehran contemporary music festival – Tehran 2018
- Metamorphosis of sound – Heka festival – Tehran 2018
- Sound design for marionette performance “XAYYAM Opera “- Tehran 2017
- Time paranoia – audio performance 2016 – Tehran contemporary music festival – Tehran museum of contemporary arts
- Time paranoia - 6th Untimely international dance festival – Tehran 2016
- Time paranoia - 35th Fadjr festival – Tehran 2016
- Time paranoia – DA playhouse – Tehran 2016
- Sound design for “AIDA” - 6th Monolive festival – Tehran 2016
- Audio visual performance and lecture “Tehran Reshape” – Tehran 2015
- Audio visual performance- “Arithmetic” @ limited access 4 festival – Tehran 2013
- Audio visual performance – Tadaex – Tehran 2013
- Audio visual performance - “Generatrix” – Tehran 2013
- Sound design for “NANE DELAVAR – BIROUN POSHTE DAR” – Tehran 2013
- Audio visual performance – Tadaex – Tehran 2012
- Sound installation – Tadaex –Tehran 2011

Soolmaz Shoaie is an interdisciplinary artist who approaches dance through her background in architecture. She wants to research the relation between the body and architecture, mainly through the influence of frequencies (of light, sound, et cetera) on space design and on the body

This way the body, as a projector and receiver of frequencies, can be both sculptor and sculpture. Consequently, there is a direct relation of cause and effect between the body and the space, and we can as well study the body through space and the space through the body

Soolmaz Shoaie has been working mostly on historical buildings and studied the mentality of these constructions as a part of history and past rituals of the owners and citizens of the region they occupied

After being introduced into mime, she entered the realm of contemporary dance. From there she has always tried to find a meeting point between architecture, mime and dance in her artworks

Time paranoia. DA playhouse. Tehran_2016
Time paranoia, 35th Fadjr international theater festival. Tehran_2016
Time paranoia, 6th Untimely international contemporary dance festival. Tehran_2016
Tashrifat. Konesh Moaser theater venue.Tehran_2016
Tashrifat, 19th Iran International University Theater Festival. Tehran_2016
Masnuii, 18th Iran International University Theater Festival. Tehran_2015
Position No1, 17th Iran International University Theater Festival. Tehran_2014
Bish az Pish, Harandi Gallery. Tehran_2013
Bish az Pish, Austrian residence of the ambassador in Tehran_2013
Guyama, Mimos selected audience performance in cave, wood and desert.Iran_2013
Commedia dell arte, The 16th International Ritual & Traditional Theater. Tehran City Theater_2013
Von clowns und Masken, Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran_2013
Choice, The 3rd Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition_2013
West-Östlicher Diwan # Reloaded – Societstheater. Dresden_ 2013
West-Östlicher Diwan # Reloaded, Guten morgen Eberswalde. Eberswalde_2013
Commedia Della Paradata, Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran_2012
Macbeth, Shamse Theater Festival.Tehran_2011

Masoumeh Jalalieh is a Tehran based professional artist working on performative body arts, such as physical theater (mime) and contemporary dance. She likes to research interdisciplinary codes in images, sounds and movement. ‘The body is a complicated collection of all elements of nature, such as time, space, ambiance, speed, density, temperature, transition, concentration... I observe, explore and study these elements through the body and movement. This way, I communicate my imagination using the most ultimate language human beings have at their disposal.’ Masoumeh is undoubtedly interwoven with the society, culture and ritual carpet of her homeland. ‘I carry myself, my family, my ancestors, and history with me, and thus communicate myself, my country and its people through my artistic statements.’

Works as a dancer:

2018: “being”. choreography by Bára Sigfúsdóttir

Festival made in potsdam,Potsdam.Germany

De Spil, Roeselare.Belgium
International Choreographers Week / DansBrabant & De NWE Vorst, Tilburg.Netherland
Festival Cement, 's Hertogenbosch.Nederland
Nowruz / kc NONA, Mechelen.Belgium

2017: “being”.choreography by Bára Sigfúsdóttir

CAMPO ( in collaboration with VOORUIT ) Gent. Belgium

NEXT FESTIVAL, Espace Pasolini, Valenciennes. France

C-Mine, Genk. Belgium

Reykjavík Dance Festival, Reykjavík.Iceland

de Grote Post, Ostend.Belgium

ccBerchem, Antwerp.Belgium

culturcentrum Strombeek, Brussels.Belgium

Works as performer and choreographer:

2017: Time paranoia.35th Fadjr international theater festival.Tehran

2016: Time paranoia.Da playhouse.Tehran

2016: Decline.Tanztage Festival.Sophiensaele.Berlin

2016: Time paranoia.6th Untimely international contemporary dance festival

2016: Bish az pish, Le Brigittines. Brussels

2016: Decline,34th Fadjr international theater festival

2015: Decline. 5th Untimely international contemporary dance festival

2015: م- َ -ن.Untimely international contemporary dance festival

2014: 1965 -۱۳۹۴ Trisha Brown early works repertory, 18th Iran international festival of university theater. Tehran

2014: Decline, Zeitgenössischer Tanz aus dem Iran festival ,Pasinger fabrik. Munich

2014: Zum schrecken der situation, Möe. Vienna

2014: Unter der hängematte 3, Zucker fabrik. Vienna

2014: Decline, 4th Untimely international contemporary dance festival. Tehran

2014: Position No1, 17th Iran international festival of university theater. Tehran

2014: Suspense, Mimos performance, Gallery No1. Shiraz

2014: Siin, Guitar café. Turkey

2013: Bish az pish, Harandi gallery. Tehran

2013: Bish az pish, Austrian residency of the ambassador in Tehran. Tehran

2013: Commedia dell arte, 16th Iran international ritual & traditional theater festival. Tehran

2013: Von clowns und masken, Austrian cultural forum (ÖKF). Tehran

2013: Choice, 3rd Tehran annual digital art exhibition (TADAEX 03’). Tehran

2013: West- Östlicher Diwan # reloaded, Societstheater. Dresden

2013: West- Östlicher Diwan # reloaded, Guten morgen Eberswalde. Eberswalde

2013: A performance, Iranian theater forum, Iranian Artists Forum. Tehran

2012: Commedia della paradata, Austrian cultural forum (ÖKF). Tehran

2011: Clowns, Manzomeye Kherad Institute. Tehran

2011: Ego, 1st Tehran annual digital art exhibition (TADAEX 01’). Tehran

2010: Macbeth, 13th Iran international festival of university theater. Tehran

2009: The last day of summer party, Molavi Hall. Tehran