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Art of Sound #7 - LED Edition (installation)

Students of Conservatorium Leuven created audiovisual compositions for a flashy installation with light and sound.

Like the whole society, the seventh edition of Art of Sound will be ‘coronaproofed’. Led by teacher Jasper Vanpaemel, some 50 students built a huge installation full of lights this school year. But actually everything revolves around sound. Can lamps be influenced by sound? And if so, can it create an added value, or can a kind of symbiosis, new grammar arise?

To all these questions each student gave his own answer through a unique sound and light composition. You can come and admire the results at this exhibition.

➤ Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 May 2021 - 19:00-22:00
➤ STUK Labozaal
➤ Capacity: 9 people per timeslot
➤ Every timeslot takes 20 minutes and shows the work of a couple of students, and a composition by teacher Jasper Vanpaemel. Discover below which students' work can be experienced during which timeslot.
➤ Don't be late: please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of you timeslot.
➤ No ticket needed for children younger than 12.

Wednesday 26 May

19:00 Julian Ruiz, Andreas Peeters & Miro Meskens
19:20 Pauline Christiaens & Annebelle Christiaens
19:40 Mathieu Vanoirbeek, Jurand De Ruysscher & Felipe Devroe
20:00 Ensor Verschueren, Stijn Konings & Felix-Jan Vandoorne
20:20 Tarannom Naghashzadegan, Amelie Liu & Karlotta Vandendriessche
20:40 Jozefien Claes, Sara Lauwers & Lotte Wuytack
21:00 Oskar Dekeyser , Dante De Craemer & Dylan Joyce
21:20 Duc Anh Dinh, Cyril Cobut & Siebe Vankelecom
21:40 Floor Decuypere & Wanne Roex

Thursday 27 May

19:00 Clement Kalse, Pia Bogaert & Wout Stallaert
19:20 Anna Sablonk, Hanne De Geetere & Natalia Thomas
19:40 Ruben Lauwers, Luce Houben & Tuur Brans
20:00 Clara Beers, Jonas Vansevenant & Arne Van der Herten
20:20 Manu Vansteenkiste & Jens Verherstraeten
20:40 Milan Van Assche & Guillaume De Bergeyck
21:00 Nora De Colvenaer, Cesar Fernandez Reyes & Stefaan Himpe

Wed 26 May 2021 19:00 - 22:00
Thu 27 May 2021 19:00 - 22:00


STUK Labozaal