Ensemble Nist-Nah © Alexia Toussaint
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ARTEFACT SOUND 23 — Ensemble Nist-Nah / Vincent Moon & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’

Repetitive percussion, ecstatic rituals and a ten piece avant-gamelan orchestra.


➤ Thursday 22.06 — 20:00
➤ STUK Soetezaal & STEK
➤ €16 / €12 (STUK Card / KU Leuven Culture Card)
➤ STUKcafé & terrace bar open
➤ To be combined with ARTEFACT 23 for free! | STUKcafé concert: Reymour


19:30 doors

20:00: Vincent Moon & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
STEK (open doors, bar)

21:00: Will Guthrie & Ensemble Nist-Nah
STUK Soetezaal (closed doors, no drinks)

22:15 ARTEFACT 23 for free! | STUKcafé concert: Reymour

23:00 end

Vincent Moon & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
(live, residency, premiere)

Artefact Sound presents the premiere of an audiovisual collaboration between DIY filmmaker Vincent Moon and percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Like a real ‘sound voyager’ French artist Vincent Moon has been traveling around the world for twenty years to make films of musical folklore, shamanic rituals and special, site-specific sounds. He mixes those videos live into an audiovisual dj set (‘live cinema’). For this occasion he works in a residency with Iran-born, Berlin-based percussion virtuoso Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. His finger work on tombak and daf, two traditional Persian hand drums, is second to none. Amplified by a soundsystem he brings intoxicating rhythms that take you on an ecstatic trip.

Ensemble Nist-Nah

Ensemble Nist-Nah is a ten-piece gamelan orchestra led by Australian, Nantes-based drummer and percussionist Will Guthrie. Inspired by his travels and studies in Indonesia, Guthrie and co use a colourful array of bronze metallophones, gongs, xylophones and drums. However, don’t expect an exercise in exotism but radically new rhythms with these ancient Javanese and Balinese instruments. The ten members of Nist-Nah were found all over France and have a wide range of backgrounds, from traditional music to contemporary classical and free jazz. Together they beat themselves into a trance with a game of rhythm, repetition and timbre.

Musicians: Prune Becheau, Charles Dubois, Thibault Florent, Colline Grosjean, Will Guthrie, Amelie Grould, Mark Lockett, Sven Michel, Arno Tukiman.

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’

08.06 → 25.06
STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound

After 1,5 years of renovations, STUK reopens its doors with Artefact festival. In addition to the Artefact expo The Ecstatic Being, Artefact Sound offers once again a stage to innovative musicians and sound artists. Inspired by the theme of ecstasy, this edition focuses on escapism, rituals and repetition in music.


Combine this concert with the exhibition Artefact 2023 + Listen to the Artefact podcast Ziel by Audiomakerij Selkie

Thu 22 Jun 2023 20:00


STUK Soetezaal + STEK


€16 (basis)
€12 (reductie)