Angela Washko & Siemen Van Gaubergen

Cancelled: Artist Talk

To limit the spread of the corona virus, STUK cancels all planned performances, concerts and public events until April 19 2020. STUK follows the guidelines of the federal government.

Angela Washko (°1986) is an American artist and organizer devoted to creating new forums for discussions of feminism where they do not exist. She actively seeks out new ways to facilitate or enter into conversation with individuals and communities who have radically different ideas and opinions in an attempt to create spaces for discussion, productive dissent and complexity. Throughout her practice, she investigates how power structures are embedded into our collective consciousness through media. A life-long gamer, her work takes the form of performance (in both virtual and physical spaces), actions, interventions, video games, videos, prints and books.

In her solo show in STUK, Point of View, Washko is presenting four bodies of work including The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft (2012-2016), Heroines with Baggage (2011-2014), BANGED (2015-2017) and The Game: The Game (2016-2019).

Siemen Van Gaubergen is a Belgian visual artist, residing in the Cas-co studios in Leuven since 2018. In his practice, he investigates contemporary visual culture and the way in which we understand images. Narratives of all kind form the multilayered background against which his images take shape. In the creation of his work, he additionally makes use of existing or newly created photographs, videostills, instruction sheets, language and graphic signs. The result is often complex, and demands to be viewed and reviewed, deciphered. In his lecture, Van Gaubergen will elaborate on his practice on the occasion of his solo exhibition at STUK.

In the context of the opening of the exhibitions Point of View and Entitled (pizza) in STUK.

The lectures are part of Let's Talk Leuven, a platform for Artist Talks in Leuven, with support by the City of Leuven.

Wed 25 Mar 2020 19:00


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