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BeraadGeslagen + MATTIASDECRAENE [sold out]

Lander Gyselinck and Fulco Ottervanger return to STUK with Beraadslagen, and sax player MATTIASDECRAENE presents his debut album.

A thumping stillness hung over the villages, their villas partly hidden beneath the asphalt of causeways. A sudden bark, a woofed response, the silence ripped apart in long, raw rags. What are they doing? Whatever they want. BeraadGeslagen. Touring through the country. Across causeways. From village to village. Happy. Trendy. Stupid, right? Playful revolutionaries. Band of driveways. Garagebox music. Veranda jazz doorstep disco. Priority for the cunning. Roundabout rumba. Hard rock, lame rock. Ribbon jazz. Synth development. Lander Gyselinck and Fulco Ottervanger. Funcy 2018. Cozy around the fireplace. BeraadGeslagen.

Sax player MATTIASDECRAENE (Nordmann, MDC III) blows his way through a wide landscape of minimalist loops, undefined melodies and meditative drones. His self-titled debut album reminds us of Nils Frahm and Colin Stetson, mixing a very personal sound blending ambient, jazz, ritualistic music and experiment.

ENTRANCE via the Schapenstraat.
A face mask is mandatory, also during the performances - you can take it off when you nip from your drink.
Please follow all practical guidelines that you find in our FAQ.

19:30 doors
21:15 BeraadGeslagen

This event is part of the programme De Anderhalvemetersessies, the grand finale of De Zomer van 2020 – Samen in Leuven, a summer mix of music, theatre, film, family events and guided tours. Tickets go on sale 17 July at 10:00 via or at Visit Leuven, Naamsestraat 3, in Leuven.

Sat 15 Aug 2020 20:00


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