Alessandro Sciarroni
Alessandro Sciarroni

Chroma_Don’t be frightened of turning the page

Chroma_don’t be frightened of turning the page is an enchanting solo work by Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni. From his fascination with repetitive movements and folk dancing, he focuses on rotation or ‘spinning’. For centuries, the endless rotation on an axis has been used to bring about a meditative state; it is also a primary building block of classical ballet. From a desire to keep the meaning of this action as open as possible, in Chroma Sciarroni emphasises the physical aspects of rotation. Strengthened by duration and repetition, the viewer’s perception is given free rein. Surrounded by the public, Sciarroni knows how to evoke maximum emotional power through simple means. Mesmerising.

The show’s creation took place at dialoghi – performing arts residencies at villa manin a project of css teatro stabile di innovazione del fvg and azienda speciale villa manin | with the support of mibact – ministry of cultural heritage and activities and tourism and the autonomous region of friuli venezia giulia | developed as part of migrant bodies at the centro per la scena contemporanea bassano del grappa (italy), la briqueterie - centre de développement chorégraphique du val de marne (france), circuit-est (quebéc), the dance centre (british columbia) and hipp the croatian institute for dance and movement (croatia) and as part of la biennale di venezia – biennale college 2015 | alessandro sciarroni is associated artist of marche teatro theatre of significant cultural interest and internationall associated artist of centquatre-paris


creation & performance Alessandro Sciarroni | light Rocco Giansante | dramaturgy Alessandro Sciarroni & Su-Feh Lee | sound design Paolo Persia | styling Ettore Lombardi | research Damien Modolo | development, promotion & advice Lisa Gilardino | administration Chiara Fava | technicians Valeria Foti & Cosimo Maggini | research Damien Modolo | production corpoceleste_c.c.00# e marche teatro theatre of significant cultural interest | co-production centquatre-paris, ccn2 - centre chorégraphique national de grenoble, les halles de Schaerbeek
Thu 6 Dec 20:00 - 21:00




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