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FABRIK On Tour closing party with Gloom Club, Sardien, OVERLAST, Club Stout & Grid

After one year of touring, FABRIK returns to its homebase in Leuven, together with the friends we have made along the way. For one last time FABRIK will put youth culture in the spotlight, not only through a musical and artistic programme, but also through a unique collaboration between six like-minded collectives: FABRIK (Leuven), Gloom Club (Brussels), Sardien (Hasselt), Club Stout (Bruges), Grid (Ghent) and OVERLAST (Antwerp) join forces to present a memorable day- and night line-up and present a range of young artists.


➤ Saturday 4 November 2023 - 19:00
➤ STUKcafé & STEK - Naamsestraat 96, Leuven
➤ Tickets → Pay what you can: €5 - €10 - €15
➤ All concerts are standing and with open doors


Curated by Fabrik, Sardien & Overlast

19:00 doors + FABRIK residents warm-up set (dj)
20:00 Poppy Whispers (live)
21:30 Lip Service (live)
23:00 DOORGEROOKT (live)
00:00 Egidius (live)
01:00 Robbe de Pestel (dj)

Curated by Club Stout, Grid & Gloom Club

20:30 doors
20:45 Bothlane (live)
22:15 Zulu (live)
23:00 Gloom Club B2B Grid B2B Club Stout (dj)
04:00 end


17:00-23:00 Video art by June Rausenberger & Nina Anin

• Poppy Whispers
(fr/be, live)

When I was 6 years old, I had a Greek friend named Poppy. She didn’t speak French, I didn’t speak Greek, yet we spent hours on the concrete step at the entrance of her mother’s house, whispering secrets in each other’s ears.

• Lip Service
(be, live)

Lip Service's songs are sick and it's infectious: exposure to their crumbling grooves, sticky melodies and acidic guitars can lead to broken pop hearts and stumbling dance legs. Their two EPs have already received praise from Studio Brussel, Radio 1, Humo, Dansende Beren, Indiestyle and daMusic. With debut record "Funny Face," released in early 2023, the band established itself as purveyors of quirky, shrewd pop music with a sharp edge.

(nl, live)

DOORGEROOKT is music made by Huy Le and Mo Bode. The smokey duo’s playful compositions appear as a colorful collection of synth patterns, driving basses and obscure test equipment: the ideal soundtrack for a science fiction movie from a bygone era. Rotterdam based.

• Robbe De Pestel
(be, dj)

Robbe De Pestel mostly appears behind the booth as part of r.d.p.t.v. Touching on tribal and experimental music, post-punk and wave. Mostly early eighties stuff or things that took inspiration from the music of that era. I guess you could say this solo-thing is more electronic, easier to dance to. Rythmic in its minimalism with trance-like ethereality. I don't know for sure though.

• Bothlane
(be, live)

This solo project by drummer Alain Deval is a fertile mix between drums and modular synths with roots in trance and dance music. Bothlane feels inspired by techno and rap rhythms and musical textures creating a music that is a mix between bass and techno. So lots of mixing and blending, no limits, just one unique and vibrant approach to music and sound.

(fr, live)

Parisian producer ZULU has rarely had the chance to cross the national border, but when we are lucky enough to have him, he always leaves an impression. Expect to move from heavy breaks and beats to more atmospheric melodies and then be thrown back into the storm.

• Egidius
(be, live)

This Leuven local is no longer a stranger to anyone. During his live set, he takes you on a musical journey as he sings and plays synthesizers and guitar, accompanied by his own music. Ranging from melodic techno to electronic dreampop, his music is characterised by its many melodies that come together in harmony.

• June Rausenberger

"The search for a place that doesn't exist in our world is very abstract and hopeless. What would make much more sense is searching in a world where I myself have never been."

• Nina Anin

"The lost drawing ——- Potato whispers The drawings are lost. Only the pictures I have. It makes my friends angry....... sometimes. But I am not sad about it. A sense of freedom gained. A drawing locates unknown, it might not exist. Quantum care. Paper decays, but so do magnetic hard drives. At least I have one worry less on my mind. ‘Apply your mind to yourself’, the frog says. ‘Apple your mind to you’, I babble. I scroll through the photos, searching a pebble on beach. Finding potato origin. Slowly begin. I am sleep. Gibberish dream awakes."

• Mirthe Tibos

In her installations Mirthe plays with flexible biomorphic sculptures invoking sensory immersion and physical presence. Designed to create a peaceful and soothing space, they present a gateway to serenity, distant from intense stimuli. The sculptures are there to gently guide visitors into a state of tranquil consciousness. People are free to roam and make use of the objects as there are no rules nor guidelines given. It’s is merely there to unwind and phase out external stressors.

• FABRIK On Tour

FABRIK TOUR is an initiative of Leuven-based collective FABRIK in which a series of events is put together in collaboration with five collectives from five cities:

OVERLAST (Antwerp), Grid (Ghent), Sardien (Hasselt), Club Stout (Bruges) & Gloom Club (Brussels).

Sat 4 Nov 2023 19:00




Pay what you can: €5 - €10 - €15