Ben Rivers / Johannes Langkamp

Family guided tour through the dream world of Ben and Johannes

During Rode Hond, you can discover the dream world of Ben Rivers and Johannes Langkamp, two visual artists who exhibit their work in STUK this fall.

During this guided tour for families, you discover the work of British artist Ben Rivers. Find your way through a labyrinth to discover his new film Minotaur; a short story about a child that is chased into the deepest core of the maze. In another movie, you experience how slow time goes for a sloth. Beautiful pen and watercolour drawings complete the exhibition.

After that, we make a short walk through the STUK building in search of the moving sculptures of Johannes Langkamp. With the playful gaze of a researcher, Johannes makes installations that change your experience of a space; from a bench that doesn’t need you to sit still to dancing curtains.

This performance is part of the 17th edition of Rode Hond, a festival for families organised by 30CC. During four days of the fall holiday, you can discover theatre, film, workshops, dance, musical, circus, expo, literature and lots more. You can find the full programme on the Rode Hond website.

Sat 28 Oct 2023 15:00
Sun 29 Oct 2023 15:00


STUK Onthaal


FREE with reservation via the ticket button above


6 - 12