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Gratis STUKcafé-concert: Echo Beatty

Antwerp indie pop phenomenon Echo Beatty is back with a third release full of fragile songs and stunning melodies.

STUKcafé concerts present promising Belgian bands with an edge, all for free! After shows by UMM, Tristan, Bombataz, Vito and Brik Tu-Tok, now it’s Echo Beatty’s turn. Echo Beatty is the project of Annelies Van Dinter, Antwerp-based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. With her phenomenal, crystal-clear voice she brings songs that go straight to the bone, winning over hearts along the way. One of the many proofs of her talent is a string of support gigs for Trixie Whitley and Mauro Pawlowski. October marks their third release Ode To The Attempt on Unday Records, with four fragile indie pop gems. Free beer if you keep your eyes dry throughout the night!

Thu 6 Feb 2020 21:00




limited capacity