Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Nicolas Rombouts


For Nicolas Rombouts, playing music is instant composing, and for Charlotte Vanden Eynde, dancing is thinking. Rombouts taught himself to play double bass and is one of the founders of Dez Mona. Vanden Eynde studied at P.A.R.T.S. and creates quirky choreographies in which the body is sensitively placed at the core. How can you communicate with someone who speaks another language? Can you compose without losing the spontaneity of improvisation?

Hyphen is an attempt to be two parts of the same brain. A hyphen marks both a distance and a relation through which something new arises, encompassing both parts. Dance and music are par to one another, as the piece explores vulnerability and acting in the here and now. Together, Vanden Eynde and Rombouts look for tipping points, where music can become movement and movement music.


Creation & performance Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Nicolas Rombouts | Light Jan Maertens | Advice Marc Vanrunxt & Simon Lenski | Production KAAP | Co-production Concertgebouw Brugge & Les Brigittines | with support by the Flemish Government
Wed 22 Apr 2020 20:30


STUK Labozaal


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€6 (reduction)

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