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Jacco Gardner’s Somnium

Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner presents his third album Somnium in an atmospheric 360° listening experience.

Dutch multi-instrumentalist and psych rocker Jacco Gardner is back with a third, completely instrumental album Somnium. Groovy guitars and catchy vocals make way for analogue synths and tons of atmosphere. The title refers to Johannes Kepler’s eponymous 1608 book, describing space travel 4 centuries before it would actually happen. Live, Somnium offers a unique experience: Jacco Gardner ditches the usual stage set-up to create an immersive listening environment: the audience surrounds the musicians, with music from four speakers that move through the space. Belgian premiere!

Sounds like: Tangerine Dream, Tame Impala, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: The Music of Stranger Things

Thu 14 Feb 20:00 - 21:30


STUK Labozaal


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€16 standard
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20:00 doors
20:30 Jacco Gardner's Somnium
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