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Jazz op zondag : The Milk Factory

Jan Daelman - flute
Viktor Perdieus - Sax
Edmund Lauret - guitar
Thijs Troch - piano
Kobe Boon - bass
Benjamin Elegheert - drums

The Milk Factory is the child of guitar player Edmund Lauret and pianist Thijs Troch, members of Ghent's adventurous jazz scene. Not a usesless excercise in virtuosity, but a return to the roots: melodies, proper interaction, consistent atmospheres and songs. They joined forces with four musicians with an equally colourful history: Viktor Perdieus (tenor sax) and Jan Daelman (flute) form the frontline with its elegant cadence, with rhythm section Kobe Boon (bass) and Benjamin Elegheert (drums) as en energetic and powerful boost. On their debut ep, the sextet excels in intimate performance and mesmerizing melancholy.

Sun 21 Apr 2019 21:00