Nadar Ensemble

Khubeev, Schubert, Steen-Andersen & Walshe

It wouldn’t be new music without a good measure of alienation and Unheimlichkeit. This concert is all about technology, the tension between man and machine, the ‘no man’s land’ where our lives are complemented – or is it taken over? – by impersonal devices. Alexander Schubert and Alexander Khubeev will direct their energies to undermining the usual role of the conductor. This may be a cheerful task with Schubert, but with Khubeev dystopia is lurking around the corner. The obsessive repetitions in Simon Steen-Andersen’s amid and a world premiere by Jennifer Walshe complete this cross-section of the condition humaine as seen by four young composers in 2015. This exciting intersection of challenging ideas, visual and dramatic elements and daring musical choices is perfectly suited for the Nadar ensemble.


Alexander Khubeev: The Ghost of Dystopia (2014)
Alexander Schubert: Point Ones (2012)
Simon Steen-Andersen: AMID (2004)
Jennifer Walshe: 1984, It’s OK (world creation)


Klaas Coulembier: 19:45


copresentatie gaudeamus
Sat 24 Oct 2015 20:30


STUK Soetezaal