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Murmur (4+)


➤ Thursday 4 November 2021 - 16:00
➤ Friday 5 November 2021 - 11:00
➤ Duration: 45’
➤ 4+ / without language
➤ STUK Soetezaal
➤ Tickets: €8


From Friday 29 October onwards, we kindly ask everyone aged 12 and older to wear a face mask in all indoor areas in STUK - the performance spaces, Reception are, hallways, toilets, ... You don't need a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) to attend the performances. However, you do need a Covid Safe Ticket to access STUKcafé for some food or a drink. You can find all practical info on the COVID measures on this page or via the link below.

Murmur: whispering, gurgling, buzzing, grumbling, babbling, splashing, rustling.

Murmur considers possible and impossible boundaries between man, nature and thing. Can a person become a thing, a machine, or an animal? Can a thing come alive?

Camiel swishes, flings and swirls with speakers that play sounds from nature, which he covers, muffles and distributes. Acrobatically, he makes a live sound composition in motion. He attaches speakers to his body and takes to the air. Is he a helicopter? A flock of starlings? A cocoon? Or simply an inquisitive person? Suddenly the audience’s backpacks buzz, and everything and everyone becomes part of a whirlwind of sound. Are you a human in a group? An animal in a swarm? Or an instrument in a composition? Or are you all of them simultaneously?

Murmur is a circus sound-theatre that stimulates the senses with rustling backpacks, a landscape of speakers and an acrobatic composer. A performance for anyone who wants to be more than just a human.

Part of Rode Hond, the arts festival for families of 30CC.


Concept Hanne Vandersteene, Mahlu Mertens, Stijn Dickel | Acrobatics Camiel Corneille | Director Hanne Vandersteene, Mahlu Mertens | Dramaturgy Mieke Versyp | Sound composition Stijn Dickel (aifoon) | Software-development Tim De Paepe | Hardware Jeroen Vandesande | costumes Dorine Demuynck
Fri 5 Nov 2021 9:30
Fri 5 Nov 2021 11:00


STUK Soetezaal

Bijkomende info

The 4.11 performance has been cancelled.
There will be an extra show on 5.11 at 9:30.
The show on 5.11 at 11:00 is sold out.
There will be no waiting list.